Welcome to Baryalitob

Welcome to Baryalitob (Success)

The Baryalitob is an independent academic website based on efforts of Dr. B. Khadim, Eng. Abdul Kabir, Ms. N. Khadim, Mr. Shafiullah Mohammedi, Ms. Rohelah Bismil, Dr. Ejaz Ul-Haqu Ejazi, Mr. Fisal Haqani, Mr. Danish Bismil and Zabihullah Ziyar to provide knowledge, research & exploration and all required educational contents.

The Vision of Baryalitob is your endless true success.

Baryalitob is non-political, non-militarily, non- prejudiced website, the core objects of Baryalitob are to increase the level of public education, ending abusive traditions, thoughts and beliefs in the community, explaining, teaching and skilling of all the necessary legal works, business methods and techniques to the people, presenting wise and lawful solutions for daily life problems and enhancement of psychological, intellectual and academic levels of the peoples.

Baryalitob wants your long term successful life filled with respect, love, worship, good luck, integrity, humanity and everlasting real pleasures.

Baryalitob is your own page, enrich it through your good academic articles, and provide the great academic services for your own society and world, because the best solution for all problems is only sound understanding and related academic qualifications & skills.

The violence, war, prejudice, envy, negative thoughts and illegal aims are abnormal activities which are causing for revolt towards the great disasters and disorders and effects directly to doer, its family and community.

Baryalitob knows your precious time, to provide the best service, that’s why providing only highly useful, exact and accurate academic research and exploration subjects for your studies.

We request you to specialize your time for studies of Baryalitob subjects to enhance your knowledge and thought highest and top level and suitable for unique human train services.

The world is common home for human being, the common home is suffering without peace, and the Economic & Social injustice are the fundamental enemies of Peace. These challenges can be handled through sound academic mind.

We are all strictly responsible to respect the humanity and service for our common home and protect our common home from suffering. We will be able to do the best services if we have sound understanding and high academic studies.


Dr. Khadim